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Thread: Best Clan Castle Descriptions

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    Best Clan Castle Descriptions

    Descriptions like "A great and awesome clan! Join us" and "A Loyal and friendly clan!" just aren't appealing anymore. Why not post some of the interesting decriptions you've seen?
    Two money minded businessmen were talking together. One of them said to the other: "Hi Supercell"

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    Looking through your window, reaching for your p-
    Clan: Donate Or Die (DoD)
    Desc: Donate or i will shove this pink banner straight up your àss!
    (LB clan)

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    Ha, well, our clan message is changed daily... So, that's lovely weather forcast.

    Moe @ Azure Waters & Azure Seas

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    A few of mine..

    "join us and receive free medical and dental insurance"

    "if your iPad crashes we will send you a courtesy iPad, free of charge"

    "donate one get one free!"

    "get top donations of the week and win a lollipop"

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    Clan: WuTangFinancial

    Description: "You need to diversify yo bonds, *****!" C.R.E.A.M.
    IGN: Deycawlinme
    Clan: WuTangFinancial
    TH9 | Lvl 100

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