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Thread: What to upgrade before TH lvl 7?

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    What to upgrade before TH lvl 7?

    Here is my base and I am wondering what is best to upgrade before TH lvl 7 and/or if i should upgrade now?

    TH - 6
    Mortar - 3/3
    Archer Tower - 7/6/6
    Cannon - 7/7/6
    Wizard Tower - 2/2
    Air Defence - 2
    Barracks - 7/6/6
    Army Camp - 5/5/5
    Laboratory - 4
    Spell Factory - 2
    Elixir Collector - 8/8/8/8/8/8
    Gold Mine - 9/9/9/9/9/8
    Elixir Storage - 10/10
    Gold Storage 10/9
    Builders Hut - 4

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    the best: upgrade everything to max before going to th7! start with splash then point defenses, do walls in between!
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    That is the best scenario but is say a mortar and wiz tower mac really necessary to hold off higher players at TH lvl 7?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Browncactus View Post
    That is the best scenario but is say a mortar and wiz tower mac really necessary to hold off higher players at TH lvl 7?
    *Mega Facepalm*
    Mate, there the most important in doing that.

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    Well how about asking what is better to upgrade in my base layout? Mortar?

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    upgrade the other gold storage then town hall

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