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Thread: Natural features (stones, trees) as a defense

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    Natural features (stones, trees) as a defense

    Does anyone know if a natural feature such as a large stone or large tree can be part of a wall and serve as a line of defense? For example, two walls butting up against a large rock. So it's literally wall-stone-wall in a line. Will this still be used as a hole in the wall by attackers? Let me know if any additional information is needed to explain the configuration.

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    Troops can spawn on decorations.

    So it a hole in the wall.

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    You're a month late.
    It was possible to block where people can deploy troops with deco and obstacles last month but the update that brought the DE troops made it possible for people to deploy troops on top of a deco now. If you have a huge rock, troops will just walk around it, it won't slow them down.

    It is also possible to deploy on top of a tesla if you left a hole in your base's design. But IINM, once the tesla pops up, they won't be able to deploy there again until the tesla is destroyed.

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    Even before the update that changed decorations, if you had wall-stone-wall, troops could walk between the gap, they just couldn't spawn on the stone directly

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