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Thread: TH7 barb king?

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    TH7 barb king?

    Is it easy to get barbarian king at TH7 even though you don't have any drills?

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    My BK is level 7 but I'm afraid I can't answer that since I have a level 3 drill for some time now. I suppose it is still attainable but having drill is a must for me if you want to max your level. The amount of DE you can get from it can be crucial in getting those last few hundreds especially for the higher levels because players will target your DE frequently once you reach the 20kish or even before that.

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    Not easy but not that hard either. Read my post on how:

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    I had the barbarian king a town hall 7, all I did was lightening dark elixir storages before they we given more health.

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    Upon completion of the 1,250 trophy challenge, I was at TH 7, with 3k dark elixir. I used the gems from the achievement to fill my dark elixir and buy the king. I'm now saving dark elixir for level 2 minions and I have over 6k. I've had as much as 7k, but I've also been training minions.

    I'm still at TH 7, so yes, it's pretty easy, if you know what you're doing.
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    yeah its kinda easy because of the loot penalty that th7 have.. I get my bk lvl 5 at th7.. Just need to be passion and smart play

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