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    What Does The Envelope Button Do?

    It is:

    A way for us to send all players a message and link. The reason this is important for Boom is that the majority of players aren't on the forums, Facebook or Twitter, and therefore may not realise when we make important changes to the game. For example, when we changed the matchmaking system to work with Victory Points, the message system would allow us to inform everyone of this change, hopefully preventing some confusion and many tickets to player support!

    It isn't:

    A way for you to send messages to each other. Sorry!

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    *insert witty location here*
    SC so selfish, wont let us send messages. But they can send messages to us


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    Oh ok that can come in handy like Clash inbox for example.
    Quote Originally Posted by Supercell
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim :) View Post
    It isn't:

    A way for you to send messages to each other. Sorry!
    .......For now

    So I might have started a YouTube.....
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    Or Some call it supercell

    Quote Originally Posted by Altin View Post
    SC so selfish, wont let us send messages. But they can send messages to us

    Lol lol lol lol

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    I think a pop-up message explaining the update, similar to Hay Day, would do just fine. It seems a little pointless to create a new button just for this.

    Though I don't think it'll interfere with anything right now, so I don't have a problem with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Altin View Post
    SC so selfish, wont let us send messages. But they can send messages to us

    No! I though Sweden was socialist :O

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    Very odd and duplicated effort.. When you send support a message through the horrible helpshift system, and they reply. You get a popup saying there is a new message.

    also when idle, a popup says "is anyone there".

    so more screen clutter when there are already two mechanisms to do the same thing..

    Hmm, so snow, envelope, warriors with iceskates, and a new mystery reward sysyem. Shaping up to be jam jelly-tastic.

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    Well that was a let down.

    I really really hope there are some actual good features to this update. It needs if by now.

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    is this envelope supposed to be on our screen right now? cuz i dont have it if so

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