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    Cool Hay Day Update - The Town!

    CHOO CHOO!!!!! As the title, says - the new update for Hay Day is finally here!!! This new update called The Town is PACKED with new stuff, but the biggest of them all - a completely new area where you can build and decorate your own Town!! Serve the new visitors with the goods you produce on your farm and .. and.. so much more!!

    Here's what's new:

    ALL ABOARD! This train’s heading for the biggest update in Hay Day history!

    Introducing the new Hay Day Town!

    The mayor has been aMOOzingly impressed with your hard work on your farm, so he feels you are ready to rebuild the old Hay Day Town back to its old glory days! Your uncle and the mayor used to uphold the town until your uncle retired, so now it’s all up to you to make it run again!


    • Repair the new train platform on your farm and travel to your new mountain town where new adventures and visitors await (unlocks at level 34).
    • Get your town in shape by repairing the Station and the once majestic Town Hall.
    • Build your organic grocery store, cozy movie theater, vintage diner, relaxing spa, classic Bed & Breakfast, dreamy beach cafe and more.
    • Customize your town with your beloved farm decorations. You can even expand your town area if you run short on space.


    • Greet quirky new visitors to your town as they arrive by the EGGspress train.
    • Guide them to the services they want and satisfy their cravings with products from your farm.
    • Earn reputation points to unlock even more buildings and rare items for your farm and town.
    • Upgrade your train station, town hall and service buildings to improve their looks - inside and out!


    • Repair your own personal train to expand the Hay Day Neighborhood feature!
    • Use your train to pick up the visitors your neighbors have served in their towns.
    • Serve the visitors in your town as well, and you’ll unlock bonuses for both you and your neighbors!

    ---MORE UPDATES---

    Beside the Hay Day Town, the new update also:
    • Increases the number of people you can have in your Neighborhood (now 30)
    • New Ore - Iron and Coal from the Mine
    • New Jewelry product - Iron Bracelet
    • Increased value of Ore, Bars and Jewellery
    • Berry Juice unlock level changed from 34 to 31
    • Bug fixes & tweaks & minor update here and there
    While we are updating and all that, please read through the Town FAQ here:

    Tutorial Video:

    Now, we want to hear your feedback, so keep it coming!! CHOO CHOO!!!!!


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    YES!!! It's coming! And I'm so happy it says we can decorate it too!! Woohoo!!!!!

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    Wow !!!! i am waiting ;-)

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    Wow! I think I speak for all of us: So excited!
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    I m happy.
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    My boat came just as the message came..never filled a boat so fast...hahaha!
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    I'm so happy it's almost here, I just saw this picture of the town on the app store!
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    Hay Day Update The Town

    Yes, finally great job!!
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    Thank you!
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