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Thread: Hay Day Connection Issue‏

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    Unhappy Hay Day Connection Issue‏

    I am unable to connect to Facebook via hay day. This opens a page that says "page not found"
    So I lost a lot of friends on hay day. Help me please !
    Thank you in advance

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    thank you for your help, it is really fun this solidarity pffffffffffffffffffff!!!!!!!

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    Hi,I'm sorry you are having trouble with that.
    Sometimes Face Book itself does upgrades.
    Ive just tested it in the app and its working.
    Try looking at your safari settings and reset it.
    Make sure your background apps are gone from the device and rebooting the device itself is a good idea.
    When you restart it,first use your safari browser and log in to Face book.
    Close the browser and start the Hay Day app then log in from there.
    Hope this helps.

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