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Thread: Best TownHall Level 7 Farming Base....!! Ever..!!

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    Cool Best TownHall Level 7 Farming Base....!! Ever..!!

    One of the best farming bases for townhall level 7. Designed by me.

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    the reason why this game is successfull is because there is no best base.
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    I like it wish I used that base at th7

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    Wish i can raid you

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    Hope i encounter your base so I can 3 star you

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    if u wanna call that farming, move ur town hall. and where would i put my barb king? where the town hall is? nice base, otherwise.
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    No not really i can easily get your ressources.

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    The fact of the matter is, being at th9, and even th8, you can 3 star any th7 base no matter how good it is

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    Dude , this is too easy , 3 lightning spell on one air defense , clear the outer buildings with archer bear the second air defense , drop 4 dragons parallel to the second air defense. Mission accomplish.

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    ... I'm I love when people say that, " omg this base is terrible"

    and they recommend mass dragons or pekkas.

    Well no duh, mass dragons and pekkas defeat any base. Good thing 99% of people farming never use that army.

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